Ronald Koelink - datacenter specialist CDCTPC

creative * technical * loyal * improvisation * structural * troubleshooter * team player * making things possible * facilitator * opinion * fixer * humour * positive * criticism * 24/7

  • Datacenter specialist with strong focus on fiber optic connections
  • All technical aspects in regards to day to day operations
  • Procurement (tenders) and sourcing of datacenter infrastructure and services
  • Construction and renovation of datacenters and computer rooms
  • Changes on complex infrastructures in datacenters
  • Logistics in and around datacenters
  • Datacenter management, floor management and management processes
  • Logistical and organisational processes concerning datacenter migrations
  • Designer of datacenter infrastructures including cooling, e-services, and fiber-optic infrastructures and
  • ITIL Change manager

I enjoy implementing projects where creativity, improvisation skills, technology, and deadlines figure importantly. I speak both the language of (technical) contractors and company lawyers and also feel confident with buyers, policy-makers, and ICT professionals. I have an opinion on many things, which I also express.

Ronald Koelink
tel: +31 6 54717073